At SyncWind Power Limited, we 'Synchronise the Wind' directly into the grid.


SyncWind Power Limited and its engineers create quality and reliable solutions for renewable wind power and grid stability to support a cost-effective transition to the zero-emissions future.


The SyncWind Power Limited company-logo symbolises, that SyncWind excels at harnessing and directly 'Synchronising the Wind' into the grid.



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Geoff Henderson

Geoff has over 30 years experience in the international wind industry.


Geoff Henderson’s brief biography:

Geoff Henderson is the Director, founder and owner of SyncWind Power Ltd (see About).

Geoff Henderson was Director and CEO of Windflow Technology Ltd, a company which he and four other directors established in 2001 when they successfully raised equity funding to build the first Windflow turbine. This innovative wind turbine is breaking new ground in terms of design for fundamental fatigue load reduction, in particular gearbox loads, for synchronous generation and for local manufacturing. The first 500 kW Windflow turbine was completed near Christchurch in 2003 and the first production batch of 5 turbines was completed in 2006 for a 97 turbine wind farm near Palmerston North. Windflow then had a continuous production of at least 5 turbines a month.

Geoff is a graduate of Canterbury University with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated in 1981 and then spent 3 years working in Auckland for Worley Consultants Ltd as Energy Systems Engineer before heading overseas in 1984.

Geoff has over 30 years experience in the wind industry and is a recognised global wind expert. He spent seven years overseas which included 2 years working on wind farms in California and four and a half years in England for a wind power R&D company, Wind Energy Group Ltd. During this time he invented a system of power control, the Torque Limiting Gearbox system, for which he has patents in New Zealand and other countries. He became project engineer for Wind Energy Group’s flagship commercial wind turbine, the 33 m, 300 kW “MS3”. This involved managing the engineering design of all aspects of the turbine, including blades, power-train, tower and electrical sub-assemblies. He was also project engineer in an R&D project testing the fatigue strength of blade-root joint between steel studs and the wood-epoxy blades.

He returned to NZ in 1991 to set up his own company, Wind Torque Limited to promote windmill manufacturing and provide consultancy services. In 1992 he set up another company, Aeolian Property Company Ltd, to purchase a prime piece of wind farming land in the Palmerston North area.

In 1994 he received the Communications Award from the Institution of Professional Engineers NZ (IPENZ) for his “outstanding contribution to the public affairs of the Institution and the engineering profession as a proponent of wind power in New Zealand”. Geoff was a finalist for the 2008 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year.

His entrepreneurial efforts since 1991 have resulted in:

  • 2000: The formation of Windflow Technology Ltd.

  • 2003: The construction of the first Windflow turbine.

  • 2005: The establishment of an independent wind farm developer, NZ Windfarms Ltd which was floated through public share offerings in November 2005 and June 2007 (now listed on the NZSX).

  • 2007: The establishment of a production line for at least 5 Windflow 500 turbines a month and adjoining offices.

  • 2010: IEC Certification of the Windflow 500 for Class 1A sites by Lloyds Register to IEC 61400-1:2005 (Edition 3).

  • 2011: Completion of the Te Rere Hau wind farm for NZ Windfarms. This $110 million project near Palmerston North consisted of 97 Windflow 500 turbines (48.5 MW). It continues to run with high availability. The reliability of its gearboxes is notable given the track-record of other turbine gearboxes in New Zealand and the fact that it was the first production run of Windflow turbines. It vindicates the TLG principle as a means to fundamentally protect the gearbox from torque overloads.

  • 2013-2016: Building 8 turbines in Scotland for the UK’s Feed-in-tariff (FIT) market. These turbines continue to run with high availability.

  • 2021: The formation of SyncWind Power Ltd (see About).

Geoff is a Fellow of IPENZ and is a registered professional engineer in California. He was a founding director of the NZ Wind Energy Association.


Geoff's Blog:

Please read more about Geoff's passion for renewable energy on his blog, where Geoff shares his understanding of climate change under the three headings:

  1. The science

  2. The logic of action

  3. The economic solution

Geoff's Blog:




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